The Tankless Advantage

Courtesy Mythbusters

The standard water heater has been around for many years and in many parts of the USA it is still the standard way of heating water for your hot water needs. It is basically the same as it has been for many years and only until recently has improvement been made. It is a tank that is heated by a heating element when the water temperature drops below a certain point, the unit then fires or heats thru an element to the temperature that has been set on the thermostat. Some of the problems with a typical tank water heater are, thermal heat loss, limited amount of water they can supply, hard water minerals, short life span, bulky size and rusting out and bursting.

On the other hand the Tankless water heater since they have been on the market has gone thru change after change to improve the amount of hot water, the temperature of the water, the conservation of energy, the life expectancy, the flow rate you can use at one time and the number of application that can been done at one time. The basic energy efficiency rating on most tankless state at 80% rating and go up to about 99% vs. a tank which is about 50%.

I am not knocking the tank water heaters I am just saying there is a better and more energy conscious way of heating your hot water.