Our Services

We are a green plumbing company and we have special areas of expertise:

Tankless Water Heaters Specialized and have been installing this type of unit for over 12 years and have installed well over 1,000 units. We are a repair source for all tankless water heaters and we service all types.

  • Boiler
  • Tank Water Heaters Replacement or Repairs Gas-Electric-Solar-LP Gas
  • Recirculating Systems
  • Repairs, refurbishment and Replacements of all type of hot water making systems.
  • Anti-Water Hammering devices
  • Faucet Repairs and Replacements
  • Gas lines-repairs, replacement and new installation
  • Water Leak Prevention Systems-Watts, Water Cop and Burst Buster Systems
  • Toilet Repairs and Replacements
  • Private Residence Fire Sprinkler Systems new construction and retro fit
  • Water Audits-Green Certification thru GreenPlumberUSA
  • All types of repairs and replacements