Flood control

Home being flooded from broken water pipes to the old story that everyone has heard about the broken water heater which flooded the whole house and their house was taken apart for how many months and how much was the real cost and what about increased home owner insurance premium and the thoughts of being cancelled.

What happens when you have a water leak

  • A minimum of 1% of your value of your home out of your pocket
  • Uprooting your family and sent to a hotel because of all the work.
  • The destruction of person items that cannot be replaced
  • Fans going and the noise of construction and how much time at work did you loss
  • Have you home invaded by the army of repair people.
  • How much lost sleep and time
  • And every time you hear a drip or a noise you think that you have another water leak

If there is a water leak why you are away on vacation, shopping or just going to church a busted water line can cost thousands of dollars of damage This all can be avoided by some very simple items up to whole house systems at every faucet. We have been installing water heater flood stop and whole house anti-flooding systems for 12 years. The cost is way less than the 1% you could have to pay out of your own pocket.

Warning and Prevention

Ask about the following systems that may help warn you of potential damage or even stop flood damage:

  • Flood stop
  • Watts Flood Stop
  • Burst Busters
  • Water Cops
  • Alert Systems
  • WOG Valves