Repair Services

Some of the items that we repair and service we have worked on so often that we kind of know how long it will take but please understand we cannot see thru the phone and see what is happening at your home on all things. So when you call and ask how much? We can come out and give you a bid and fix it right then or give you a bid in the area. To hold our feet to the fire on the price before we see it many times we will have to bid it high till we see it.

The training we receive and our experience helps us to know what is going on and how to repair it. Most all items we repair are similar with a few exceptions but not all cases but there are a few. A wise plumber will tell you right off if they feel comfortable in repairs of your 15th Century Ivory bathtub.

We will look at what you have and will tell you if we think that it is repairable or not. We carry many minor parts on our trucks and if not we will go and get it. Many of the parts for tankless water heaters are not found locally and have to be ordered.

We do not have a up charge on late afternoon of night calls but remember if we do not have it on the truck and we have to have a plumbing parts house open up at night there will be a open up fee that we will charge you.

We will do our best the help you in all of your repairs. I have worked on water heater and boiler that are from the 60’s and yes tankless water heater have been around since then.