Who is the Tank Yanker?

Kent Milberger, Owner

We are a leading installer of hot water systems, including energy efficient tankless, natural gas, propane, and solar applications. The Tank Yanker himself, Owner Kent Milberger, is a certified “GreenplumberUSA” technician specializing in money saving and energy saving water solutions.

Tank Yanker technicians are highly qualified and state licensed. They become Tank Yanker certified after working for over a year under our master plumber. Our installers are licensed, insured, and manufacturer-certified technicians. A master plumber is on site with every project.

We do not guess about specifications and requirements, we know. Even other plumbers and manufacturers frequently consult with the Tank Yanker on matters regarding proper installation techniques and specifications for tankless water heaters. We have proficiency in structural design and over 25 years experience in carpentry to support our installations.

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