Our Brands

We use the brands that, in our experience, have proven to be the best available. We have studied tankless water heaters and are certified on almost every brand on the market. We have selected these brands based on our time tested methods.

The companies behind these brands have great reputations for standing behind their products and who are willing to provide us training on how best to service and repair their products.

Our brand selection are well established companies. They must have a proven record of performance. When we look into any complaints against them, we look at whether they were willing to resolve the issue to the customer’s satisfaction.

We network with other installers and repair techs to find out their experiences and issues with the various brands. We want to insure that, once we install a solution, it will provide years of satisfaction which is why we take the time and effort to make sure the products we use are the best for our customers.

Our warranty means that in the event we have to make a return call to repair a problem it is money out of our pocket and not our customer’s. It benefits both our customers and us to have and use the best products.